ConventionThere are many reasons why you or your personnel should consider attending a Convention or Conference periodically. It can have a positive impact on both you and your business.

Today, with different organizations, there are many opportunities to attend a Convention or Conference. It is true that you can now engage in webinars on your computer and gain new information without leaving the office. However, it is just not the same – I personally know you cannot receive all the many benefits of attending a live event.

Over the years, I learned so much from attending the National Conventions and Broker/Owner Conferences with the National Associations of Residential Property Managers, NARPM®. Here are some of the benefits I gained from attending these events.

There is always another way to do something. By attending workshops and seminars, I picked up many other ways to enhance or change how our Real Estate/Property Management Company operated our business. This included new forms, new procedures, new uses of technology, updates on legislation, how to handle employee problems, and more.

There are always new products. When you attend an event, do not miss the trade show, particularly with the emphasis on the new technology for today’s business. This is where you can see first-hand the new tools available for marketing, bookkeeping, electronics, legal services, documentation, and more. Even though I am a vendor now at these events as a NARPM® National Affiliate, I visit the trade show, learning and adding new tools to my business.

You meet other property managers to exchange referrals. The networking is invaluable. Over the years, referrals helped my company grow. I also had a great resource to tap to help an owner who was moving or buying in another part of the country. I am still giving out referrals or helping other property managers find a property manager in my area. Meeting other managers in person gives you a whole new perspective of their property management business.

Get away from the office and gain new perspective. It is so easy to become a stick-in-the-mud in your own business. You often are too busy handling the everyday details to see things another way. You cannot help but get some perspective when you attend a property management event, unless you sleep through it – that would be a great waste.

Get away from the office and see how your personnel/team handle things. This is a great way to see how your staff will perform while you are away. Usually, a convention or conference is not that long – but long enough to see how they will perform. This is one way to see if you can take that long vacation. It also can give your personnel confidence when you are away and can help them grow in their job.

Meet new people who may become long time friends. This is the true treasure – all the many friends from the last 20 years of conventions and conferences. My only regret is the events I did have to miss. I now can travel around the country and visit people I know and call friends.

Visit another city and see new sights. Life is short and there is so much in this world to see. I have travelled to many cities and enjoyed many new sights, attended different venues, and enjoyed many restaurants. I would have missed wonderful cities and many good times if I had not attended these events.

It helps to plan for a conference, visit the NARPM site for all upcoming conferences.


Jean Storms - Owner and Author of LandlordSource ProductsJean Storms, MPM® is the founder/author of LandlordSource and has been a NARPM® member since January 1993.

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