Property Management SlumpThe year is going by quickly. Then the holidays will be just around the corner. Every year we all begin with gusto for improving business, increasing property management accounts, introducing new technology, and revamping or adding new systems. Then the usual demands of business and life impact us over the ensuing months. This beginning impetus normally slows and sometimes when we get to this time of year, it can just stall out. Are you and your property management team experiencing a “summer slump?”

It may be that you and/or your property management team may need a jump start to get back in the groove to recapture that enthusiasm to complete those New Year goals. Just step back for a few moments and evaluate if you and/or your team do need some revitalization.

Figure out who might need some help in this endeavor. Maybe people are feeling fatigued by too much heat or too much rain, depending on your location. Perhaps there is an increase of home activities, such as the start of school and all its many demands. The physical office may be looking tired, messy, and reflecting disorganization because everyone is busy. Perhaps office communication has broken down. There may be conflict between personnel decreasing the efficiency of the office.

Start with one-to-one meetings. If your office only consists of you, talk to your family and friends. Talk with each member of your staff in a friendly or informal fashion about their jobs and what is happening in their lives. Be sure to listen to what is really happening in their lives. Look inward – perhaps what is happening in your life is affecting others.

Take notes on all observations and comments. Then take action – sometimes it only takes a few simple things to make a big difference in our surrounding atmosphere.  

Have an office meeting and/or office lunch to discuss how things are and what needs improvement. Set up an upbeat plan for the rest of the year, including holiday events. Perhaps your team likes to dress up for Halloween; get everyone involved in giving to someone in need for Thanksgiving; plan holiday decorations and of course, don’t forget to schedule a holiday lunch or party to reward everyone for their hard work.

Schedule an “office revitalization day.” GetTEAMCover300 everyone involved – clean up the files, the break room, that disgusting refrigerator, and any other area that is a poor reflection of business and living. Replace that tired dried/silk plant arrangement or décor – bring in a potted plant, hang awards or new upbeat pictures, and clean up the office furniture that reflects the daily living of spills, dust, dirt, etc. Prepare for the fall season with a fresh look for the office (even if you have a home office).

Set up a contest where personnel can submit ideas for office improvement. You could even involve your vendors. Make the prize worthwhile and fun but be sure to give each person credit and a small reward for submitting an idea. Schedule a meeting or lunch to review everything.

Plan an end-of-summer office party the Friday before Labor Day and send everyone off happy for the three-day weekend. Make sure you take the weekend off so you come back revived and ready to go as well.

When everyone is feeling upbeat, put a positive spin on those projects that need to be completed and how you can accomplish them. If there is harmony in the office, think about scheduling a retreat for office planning.

For more ideas on how to jumpstart your team, check out the LandlordSource product Building an Effective Property Management Team. Don’t wait until the New Year to think about motivating your staff and/or yourselfstart today!

 System for Property Management that can assist with this task. Remember, you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. Whatever you do, face the situation head on and make your office more profitable.

Jean Storms - Owner and Author of LandlordSource ProductsJean Storms, MPM® is the founder/author of LandlordSource and has been a NARPM® member since January 1993.

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