Paid time off, monetary benefits, and lots of stock options. Companies are pulling out all the stops for employees, and it’s easy to see why. A fantastic benefits program is the ultimate way to retain employees and boost their productivity. But the tired old ways of incentivizing employees aren’t going to cut it anymore. Here, we share The Property Management Coach’s guide to innovative and novel ways of offering benefits. Let’s get into it.

Dog Days

A study by Business Insider revealed that dogs (and animals in general) boost our internal serotonin levels and give us a burst of adrenaline. Why not use that to your advantage and schedule regular office dog days? Spending quality time with furry friends will be a significant incentive for many employees. In addition, it is an excellent way to refresh employees before getting back to the workday ahead.

Curated Experiences

According to AICPA, 80% of employees would rather stay at a job with stellar benefits than take up a job that offered more pay. Thus, why not provide a personalized curation of rewards to make it worth their while? By recognizing each individual and their unique needs and interests, you’ll be making a powerful impact on your employees’ lives. A great way to do this is to offer bucket list experiences. Get each staff member to draw up a list of experiences (both big and small) that they’ve always wanted to do. You could then create a tiered program and offer experiences that range from skydiving to chasing the Northern Lights. This one is wholly unique and will provide something your employees will never forget!

Personal and Professional Development

Helping your employees better themselves is a gift that keeps on giving. Coaching programs and counseling sessions will help your employees excel at work and their personal life. In addition, this benefit offers an excellent return on investment, as the more your employees grow and learn, the more they’ll be able to apply it at the workplace too.

Event Tickets

Top-of-the-line seasonal tickets are another great draw for all employees. You could opt for concert tickets or give them credits to buy tickets for an event of their choice. If you’re in the California area, springing for Los Angeles Dodgers tickets will be a fun way to get your staff together for an outing while offering them perks. When booking tickets for local sporting events, look for online sellers that allow you to buy tickets in bulk and access other deals to save more money. This will also grant you access to regular games by other teams such as the Oakland A’s or San Francisco Giants, as well as spring training events.

Yoga Classes

Moving is great for employee health, and it is also a great way to keep your employees moving and productive! Offer weekly yoga classes at the office or a local studio near you. Your team is sure to come back feeling ‘zen-ed’ out and relaxed. This is a great way to combat project stress and impending deadlines too!

According to a recent Metlife study, 73% of employees believe that it is the employer’s responsibility to address the well-being of their staff members. By taking an innovative and fun approach to your benefits program, you’re ensuring your staff are happy and satisfied working with you. This has tremendous benefits down the line, so it is well worth the investment. So get out there and get creative with it!

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Contributing Author – Poppy Williams can be reached at [email protected]