2022 is here and that gets us thinking about new beginnings, new goals, new energy, a fresh start. To have a new beginning it means that something must end. Many avoid endings and instead hold on to things even if they aren’t working for them anymore. The more we hold on to, the more baggage we need to carry all the things not completed, not dealt with, or still lingering. This slows us down, burdens us and clouds our thinking and perspective to start a new. In Necessary Endings by Dr. Henry Cloud, he states that it is healthy and necessary to have endings before we can begin new. So, before you start listing new goals for 2022 let’s look at 2021 and decide what worked, what didn’t work, and what gave us energy and drained our energy.

What will you end, close, or leave behind before you start fresh? Here are some questions to get the ball rolling.

  • What would your business look like if you let go those clients/owners that drain you?
  • What would your business look like if you hired the right people to support you?
  • What would your business/life look like if you introduced a new service or raised your rates?
  • What would your life look like if you loved your job and the people you work with?
  • What if you were intentional about your business instead of being reactive?
  • What would your business look like if you had systems in place vs being in your head?
  • What would your business look like if you had office hours?
  • What would your business look like if you said NO more often?

Maybe it is time to stop doing what isn’t working for you. Maybe it is time to simplify and focus on those decisions that will move the business forward instead of just spinning your wheels.

We only have so many hours in the day, and I find it interesting that people often let the business control their lives and dictate the decisions they make. What would life look like if you started making decisions that were in the best interest of you? Don’t let the tail wag the dog. You get to decide daily what is important and where you want to focus your attention.

When you hear yourself saying, “I should, I have to, I need to” then the business is controlling you. Instead, aim for, “I get to, I want to, Let’s do…” Every day is an opportunity, but we need to be selective and know what opportunities are right for us. I see hardworking property managers and business owners chasing all kinds of opportunities and never seem to be making headway toward their goals.

As we start a new year reflect on what you said you were going to do in 2021. Did you accomplish your goals or tasks? If not, what got in the way? We let fear control us, or limiting beliefs decide what action we will take. Some examples are “If I raise rates my clients will leave.” “I can’t find any good people to hire.” “I have tried marketing and it didn’t work.” “If I want to build a business, I have to work 24/7.” “I don’t have the luxury of NOT accepting all clients that come my way.”

My wish for you in 2022 is to end some things from 2021 before you start a new list of goals. Close the door on marketing that didn’t work or clients that you know deep down you should fire, or let that employee go that isn’t working out. Don’t rationalize the time and effort you have spent training them. Don’t let fear or inaction be how you make decisions for yourself or your business. As with any relationship we all know when it has ended, and it is time to move on we just don’t know how to do it gracefully or we feel dependent on the other party for support (employees) or financially (client owners). However, when you realize that the relationship isn’t serving you or the business and you end it new opportunities present themselves. I know from personal experience that once the decision was made my ideal client or employee appeared.

Being a business owner takes courage to do what feels uncomfortable. It takes courage to change the way you do business and to recognize that working longer hours isn’t the answer. You can’t keep doing what you are doing and expect different results. Now is the perfect time to evaluate 2021, and let some things go so you can proactively and intentionally create a new 2022 that serves and supports the life and business you want and deserve.

Kathleen Richards, MPM®, CPC®, MS in Management, was Broker/Owner of a successful management company with CRMC®. She knows firsthand the highs and lows of being a business owner. She is a nationally recognized coach, speaker, instructor, author, and thought leader for the last 30 years focusing on business, leadership, and specifically the field of property management. She owns PM Made Easy – customizable products to streamline operations and founded The Property Management Coach. She can be reached at 800-475-3084.