Forms, Letters, & Agreements C-2

Forms, Letters, & Agreements

This packet of 150 property management documents will save you hours of time. The forms, letters, and agreements cover almost every need you can fathom. Like the rest of the PM Made Easy products, they are fully customizable so that you can tailor them to meet your specific needs. 

Using them is simple! It’s never been faster to complete letters and contracts, such as an application, lease, tenant move out letter, management agreement, and more. Add, delete, or modify any part of each document.

This product includes:

  • 115 tenant documents
  • 35 owner documents
  • product instructions

PM Made Easy products are copyright protected and non-transferable. Only the buyer or buyer’s representatives are authorized to modify and use the purchased content.

The PM Made Easy Forms, Letters, and Agreements include 115 tenant documents and 35 owner documents, totaling 150 forms, letters, and agreements. Written in Microsoft Word®, all documents are in both a .doc and .docx format so that you can open the docs no matter the version of Microsoft Word® installed on your computer. 

The majority of these documents contain the “fill-in” fields. These documents are “protected or restricted.” This enables the user to fill in fields quickly by tabbing from field to field. To work on these documents, you must unrestrict or unprotect them. If necessary, refer to the PM Made Easy PDF Product Instructions, included with the product for more information. The product instructions are also located at the PM Made Easy customer center,

Index – Tenant Forms

T1    Application instructions –  Detailed instructions/requirements for completing the application-to-rent

T2    Application – 2-page standard application-to-rent

T3   Cosigner application – 2-page application for cosigner

T4   Reasonable accommodation request – A form for handicapped tenants to use to request reasonable accommodations

T5   Currently available –  Computer fill-in form for current vacancy list to distribute; useful during showings

T6   Coming available –  Computer fill-in form for tenants on notice to distribute; useful during showings

T7   Key checkout – Form to complete when giving a prospective applicant a key to see the property without an agent

T8   Showing disclosure – Form for disclosing items to prospective tenants, such as a death, work to be completed, etc.

T9   Application receipt – Receipt detailing costs of processing the application. This is a requirement of some states, such as California

T10  Verify applicant – 2-page verification form to process an application and avoid writing all over the application, which many attorneys recommend. This provides an excellent record in the event there is a challenge to the decision of the application.

T11 Application status – 1-page form to collect processing information on an applicant for multiple tenants to review the progress and determine the outcome.

T12  Verify income – 1-page form to fax to an employer for employment verification

T13  Verify tenant history – 1-page form letter to fax to a landlord/manager for verification of rental history

T14  Credit report request – Fill-in letter confirming a request for a credit report and putting the person requesting the report to contact the credit bureau for explanations

T15 Accept application – Fill-in 1-page letter accepting an applicant and includes instructions for renting

T16 Deny application – Fill-in 1-page letter denying a tenant application

T17 Reasonable accommodation response – This letter is used to respond to a request for reasonable accommodations for handicap Tenant

T18  Offer to rent/Holding Deposit – 1-page form to take a holding deposit until executing the lease

T19  Complete renting – Formal notification to applicant advising what they must do to complete renting of the property

T20 Mail agreements – If approved applicants are out of town, this provides instructions to complete renting the property.

T21 Cancel rent offer – 1-page notice to cancel the offer to rent because the approved applicant has not complied with the terms of renting the property

T22 Refund application fee – Fill-in letter for returning a processing fee when appropriate

T23 Lease agreement – Fill-in form: detailed 6-page lease agreement which reverts to month-to-month

T24 Month-to-month agreement – Fill-in form: detailed 6-page rental agreement for month-to-month

T25 Maintenance addendum – 6-page addendum for a rental agreement outlining maintenance procedures and tenant responsibilities

T26 Check in addendum – This is a detailed 3-page addendum for a rental agreement walk-through

T27 Lead-based disclosure – Required lead-based paint agreement for a property built prior to January 1, 1978.

T28 Pet addendum – Addendum detailing authorized pets and the tenant’s responsibilities for their pet

T29 Drug free addendum – Addendum detailing and emphasizing drug-free requirements.

T30 Mold/mildew addendum – Addendum for a property that is subject to mold and mildew; it outlines items that a tenant is to do to prevent mold

T31 Property disclosure – Addendum detailing any special disclosures such as a death in the property, etc.

T32 Horse addendum – Addendum detailing the specifics of having a horse on the property

T33 Cosigner addendum – Addendum when necessary for approved cosigner.

T34 No smoking addendum – Addendum specifically detailing a no smoking policy in the property

T35 Pool/spa/hot tub/sauna addendum – Addendum detailing requirements or rules for a pool/spa/hot tub in the property

T36 Furniture inventory addendum – Inventory addendum for a furnished property for a rental agreement

T37 Move in checklist addendum – Move in checklist to note condition

T38 Cancel rental agreement – Agreement to cancel right after signing and before tenant occupies the property

T39 Fireplace / stove addendum – An agreement that outlines the use of fireplaces or wood burning stove by the tenant

T40 Storage addendum – An agreement outlining additional storage unit requirements 

T41 Bed bug Addendum – A disclosure on preventative measures for tenants

T42 Caregiver agreement – An agreement that outlines specifics regarding a live-in caregiver

T43 Military addendum – An agreement outlining the specifics when military tenants require cancellation of the lease

T44 Service animal agreement – An agreement for handicapped tenants who require a service animal in the property

T45 RV / watercraft agreement – An agreement for specifics regarding RVs and watercraft

T46 Tenant waiver of insurance – An agreement used when the tenant does not agree to renter’s insurance

T47  Marijuana agreement – An agreement for tenants to sign regarding the use of medical marijuana

T48 Child safety agreement – An agreement regarding safety issues for tenants who have minor children in the property

T49 Extended guest agreement – An agreement with tenants for guests visiting for long periods

T50 Non-renewal notice letter – A letter that notifies the tenant that the lease will not be renewed but will still be a month-to-month tenancy

T51  ACH tenant form – Tenant authorization to transfer money out of their bank account for rent

T52 Tenant welcome – Letter welcoming the new tenant and re-emphasize when rent is due and how to request maintenance

T53 Tenant work order – This is a work order that a tenant can submit.

T54 Work order (write in) – Work order to write in a tenant repair complaint

T55 Work order (computer fill in) – Work order to fill in a tenant repair complaint directly on the computer.

T56 Service animal violation letter – Letter notifying tenant about violations regarding their service animals

T57 Late fee letter – Letter putting the tenant on notice that the rent was late and a late fee is due

T58 NSF letter – Letter for contacting the tenant formally when unable to contact them by phone/email regarding NSF funds

T59 Waive letter – Letter putting tenant on notice they have had an excellent payment record but that their rent was late. This waives the late fee 1 time only.

T60 3rd party check – Letter notifying the tenant the management company received a 3rd party check and it is not acceptable

T61 Noise warning notice – Letter putting tenant on notice regarding excessive noise and violating their rental agreement

T62 Personal checks – Letter putting tenants on notice they have violated their rental agreement by disbursing non-sufficient funds; a personal check is not accepted

T63 Eviction warning letter – Last ditch effort to coerce the tenant to pay rent after a notice to pay or quit has been served

T64 Unauthorized resident – Letter regarding illegal resident

T65 Unauthorized pet – Letter regarding illegal pet

T66 Change terms – A formal letter notifying the tenant of a change in terms other than a rent increase

T67 Letter of rent increase – A formal letter notifying the tenant of a rent increase

T68 Tenant billing – Letter formally requesting a tenant to reimburse the owner for funds

T69 REV Violent pet Letter of demand that tenant remove a dangerous/violent pet

T70 Pending work for lead-based paint – A letter detailing required information to the tenant for pending maintenance, which may have lead base paint, with a form for them to return

T71 Request for survey appointment – Letter requesting a time to see the property and do a survey for the owner

T72 Property survey – Detailed survey report to send to the owner; form is completed at the property, then filled in on the computer to produce a readable and professional report

T73 Office policy change – Letter notifying tenant that the management company changed a policy that could affect them

T74 No deductions letter – A letter to tenants after they have deducted an expense from their rent ; details expectations

T75 Pest control work – Letter confirming the request of the tenant for pest control work and outlines their responsibilities

T76 Tenant complaint – Form giving the tenant an opportunity to air their grievances

T77 Rental agreement violation – Letter after a violation of the rental agreement has been noted; and requests resolution

T78 Owner selling – Owner has decided to sell; letter confirms the intention and that the rental agreement remains in effect

T79 Mold letter – Letter responding to a tenant complaint regarding mold in the property, and is under investigation

T80 Request new information – Letter when new information is needed from the tenant

T81 Smoke alarm check – Letter to the tenants requesting they test their smoke alarm, report if it is malfunctioning and a form verifying they have tested it to be returned to the Property Manager

T82 Cable/TV/satellite letter – Letter instructing tenants on requirements for cable/TV/satellite installation

T83 New management – Letter for new tenants informing them the company has taken over management of their residence

T84 Tenant death – Letter to remaining tenants acknowledging the death of a tenant and requesting information/resolution

T85 Tenant survey – Survey of tenant opinions whenever the management company feels it is appropriate

T86 Partial tenant notice – Letter acknowledging that a tenant has given notice, but not all; requests information from the remaining tenants

T87 Remove tenant addendum – Addendum to rental agreement for removal of a tenant from the residence

T88 Remove pet addendum – Addendum to remove pet from rental agreement, but not to refund deposit

T89 Add tenant addendum – Addendum to rental agreement for addition of a tenant to the property

T90 Add pet addendum – Addendum to rental agreement for addition of a pet to the property

T91 No longer manage – Letter notifying residents the management company no longer manages the property for the owner.

T92 Transfer security deposit – Transfer of security deposit from current management company to another party

T93 Request new lease – Letter requesting the tenant sign a new lease

T94 Lease renewal agreement – Addendum renewing a lease and also detailing any changes to the lease

T95 Notice to pay or quit – Notice to pay or quit when rent is unpaid.

T96 Notice of charges – Notice to pay charges such as late fees, non-sufficient fund fees, etc.

T97 Notice of covenant – Notice to the tenant of violations to the rental agreement such as noise disturbance, lawn care, etc.

T98 Notice of abandonment – Notice to post on the property informing the public and/or the tenants that the Property Manager and/or owner believe the property abandoned

T99 Notice to enter dwelling – Notice to tenants that Property Manager or Owner will enter the property at a designated time

T100 Notice to vacate to tenant – Notice to vacate to tenants when such action is needed; and when tenants are on a month-to-month agreement or pending end of lease

T101 Notice from tenant month-to-month – Form tenants fill out when they are on a month-to-month tenancy and want to vacate; advises them of obligations

T102 Notice from tenant lease – A form tenants fill out when they are on a lease and want to vacate; advises them of the obligations to the lease

T103 Release rental history – Form signed by tenants allowing the property management company to give out rental history and payments

T104 Assign security deposit – Form for tenant’s request that another tenant be given the full security deposit and authorizes it in writing

T105 Acknowledge extension – Letter acknowledging extension of notice to or from tenant

T106 Mortgage verification – Letter to the mortgage company requesting tenant history and informing them there is a fee due

T107 Move out instructions – 3-page letter to tenant advising them what to do when vacating the property and detailing move-out requirements

T108 Key return – Key receipt for when a tenant brings in the keys when vacating

T109 Move out checklist – Checklist of details to perform when a tenant moves

T110 Full security deposit refund – letter Letter thanking them for their excellent tenancy and issuing a full refund

 T111 Partial security deposit refund – A letter detailing the partial security deposit refund and attaching bills to it

T112 No refund security deposit – Letter detailing to tenant why they are not receiving a security deposit refund and attaching bills to it

T113 Second request for damages – Second request for funds due to the owner for damages after moving out.; before any further legal action taken

T114 Security deposit settlement – This is agreement between owner and/or owner’s representative and the former tenant regarding any security settlement dispute

T115 Tenant recommendation Form – letter to give a written recommendation of a tenant

Index – Owner Forms

L1 Management inquiry letter – Letter to send for management inquiry

L2 Management agreement – 4-page management agreement between broker & owner

L3 Thank you management letter – Thank you letter for a new management account

L4 Owner Information sheet – General information sheet for owner file to track valuable information

L5 Property information form – The owner fills out this form and lists available information on the property

L6 Lease only agreement – 4-page agreement for lease-only, not on-going management

L7 ACH owner authorization – Form to complete authorization by the owner to transfer funds directly into their bank account

L8 Request owner funds – Letter requesting funds from an owner for their account

L9 Request owner insurance letter – Letter requesting insurance from an owner for their property

L10 W-9 follow-up request letter – Letter requesting completions of a W-9 form from an owner for their account

L11 Authorize repair letter – A general letter requesting repairs and funds from an owner for their property

L12 Request renewal letter – Letter informing an owner of an increase to their management fee

L13 Management fee increase letter – Letter requesting funds from an owner for their account

L14 Property rented letter – Letter informing an owner that the property has been successfully rented; details funds, lease, etc.

L15 Tenant notice letter – Letter to owner that tenant has given a notice to vacate and detailing the steps that will be taken

L16 Change policy letter – Letter making an owner aware that there is a change of policy with management company

L17 Client survey form – Survey for owners to complete to monitor customer satisfaction and make

L18 Mold complaint – Letter notifies owner that their tenant submitted a mold complaint and action is required immediately.

L19 Request for reasonable accommodation letter – Letter making notifying an owner of a request for reasonable accommodation by a handicapped applicant or tenant

L20 Notification of bed bugs letter – Letter notifying an owner of a bed bug problem in their property and steps for correction

L21 Untimely death letter – Letter notifying an owner of a tenant death in their property

L22 Asbestos notice letter – Letter notifying and owner of repairs necessary when there is asbestos involved

L23 Fair Housing letter – Letter notifying an owner that they are violating Fair Housing and the company will not mange under this condition

L24 Hoarding letter – Letter notifying an owner that the tenant has a hoarding problem and that it must be resolved

L25 Military service letter – Letter notifying an owner that due to military orders, it is necessary to cancel the tenant’s lease

L26 Habitability letter – Letter notifying the owner that due to a lack of action, they have created a serious problem with habitability

L27  Fire prevention letter – Letter notifying an owner that necessary fire prevention steps must be take

L28 Transfer security deposit – Letter transferring the security deposit to owner at their request

L29 Full lease payment – Letter puts the owner on notice that a prospective applicant/tenant wants to pay the entire amount of the lease, and there could be tax consequences

L30 Year-end policy – Letter that outlines the ending year information and what an owner should expect and what responsibility they bear

L31 Annual property survey – Letter accompanies an annual survey report of their property and the status of the maintenance.

L32 Lead-based paint letter – A letter to accompany form for owner to sign for lead-based paint disclosure

L33 Lead-based paint work letter – Letter notifying owner of work needed that requires vendor qualified for lead-based work and seeks authorization

L34 Terminate management letter – Letter notifying an owner of termination of management

L35 Close account letter – Final letter for ending management/transferring funds


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