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Stop the Fires: A Checklist System for Property Management

Checklists offer benefits to many types of companies, but few benefit more than the property management industry. Managers and support staff juggle many responsibilities and it is easy to drop the ball when there is no tracking and coordination. That’s when the fires erupt. (download manual outline, excerpts, and checklist descriptions below)

You can avoid, eliminate, and control these “fires” by taking an organized approach to managing your properties and clientele. The checklist system helps your staff work productively and coordinate well.

This product includes 49 property management / office checklists:

  • 8 checklists to conduct a review of your office organization
  • 25 property management checklists
  • 16 office organizational checklists
  • an organizational manual to help you implement the checklist system
  • product instructions

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Designed to work with

Stop the Fires, A Property Management Checklist System

Product goal:

The Property Management Checklist System, Stop the Fires is more than just a lot of checklists to litter the office. It is a system to check the office organization and then track work consistently and efficiently using checklists. By creating an organizational system, you can determine where you need to add, improve, or even delete systems or documents to stop the fires.

Included with the product:

The 49 checklists are in three categories as follows:

  1. 8 Checklists to test office organization
  2. 25 Specific property management checklists
  3. 16 General office checklists

This document contains:

  • General outline of the Stop the Fires Organizational Manual
  • List of customizable checklists
  • Sample text and sample checklists
  • Product Instruction Information

General Outline
Stop the Fires Manual

List of checklists
The checklist system

Checklist content
Stop the fires product goal
Store documents wisely
Create a new file folder

Using tables = professional checklists

LandlordSource checklists The importance of tables Key table tips Practice on the sample checklists

The checklist FAQs

Why use checklists
Why do I have to use so many checklists?
Who needs to use checklists?
What makes this product different?
What creates the most professional checklists?
What personnel should use the checklists?
What if I need another checklist not listed in this product?
What checklists are included or not included in this product?
Where do I start?
How do checklists eliminate more paperwork and work?
How can I use checklists electronically instead of paper?

When do checklists create too much control and create negativity?

Use Checklists Effectively

Use electronic checklists when possible
Initiate routing systems
Assign the right personnel
Forms definitions

Frequently asked checklist questions

Step 1 – the 8-checklist test (the first 8 checklists) for the office

What is the 8-checklist test?
Why use the 8-checklist test?
Do NOT be discouraged
Don’t reinvent the wheel

Step 2 – Property Management Checklists

Checklists 9-33

Step 3 – Office Organization Checklists

Checklists 34-49

Reviewing Checklists

Do your checklists work?
What NOT to do with checklists

The Seven (7) Keys to Organizing a Property Management Office

1 – Competent personnel
2 – Professional forms and manuals
3 – Interactive documents
4 – Effective checklists
5 – Organized files – paper and electronic
6 – Personnel training
7 – Consistent reviews

The Five (5) Steps to Achieving the Seven Keys

1 – Take a picture
2 – Select priorities
3 – Map a plan
4 – Implement a plan
5 – Review the picture

Customizable Checklists Included in the Product

The following checklists are available in this product:

The 8-Checklist Test

1. Business Overview Checklist
2. Property Management Overview Checklist
3. Property Management Compliance Checklist
4. Personnel Overview Checklist
5. Owner Organization Checklist
6. Tenant Organization Checklist
7. Vendor Organization Checklist
8. Communication Checklist

Property Management Checklists

9. Presentation Checklist
10. Management Inquiry Checklist
11. Management Package Checklist
12. Management Appointment Follow-up Checklist
13. New Client/Owner Checklist
14. Lease Only Checklist
15. New Property/Tenant Checklist
16. New Property Maintenance Checklist
17. Tenant Application Checklist 18. Tenant Move In Checklist
19. Add/Remove Tenant
20. Add/Remove Pet Checklist
21. Drive-by checklist
22. Lead-Based Paint Repair Checklist
23. Tenant Violation Checklist
24. Annual Property Survey Checklist
25. Mold Problem Checklist
26. Hoarding Checklist
27. Fair Housing Complaint Checklist
28. Renew Lease/Rental Agreement Checklist
29. Unlawful Detainer/Eviction Checklist
30. Tenant Move Out Checklist
31. Security Deposit Refund Checklist
32. Client Termination Checklist
33. Property Termination Checklist

Office Organization Checklists

34. Personnel Checklist
35. Vendor Checklist
36. Supply List Checklist
37. Equipment Review Checklist
38. Software Records
39. Trust Account Audit Checklist
40. Insurance Review Checklist
41. Brand Identity Checklist
42. Required Poster Checklist
43. PM Office Cleanup Checklist
44. Year-end Checklist
45. Office Vacation Checklist
46. Personal Vacation Checklist
47. Six Word Review
48. Update Document Checklist
49. Safety Analysis Checklist

EXCERPT from Stop the Fires Manual





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