Holiday Safety Steps

The holidays are here. They can be fun and enjoyable as holiday activities increase. Unfortunately, thefts and violence increase as well. This can affect many in your property management business.

A few steps for the holiday season can make a positive difference in holiday safety.

Check your office security.

It’s a good time of year to check door and window locks, security systems, lighting and more. If you have terminated any disgruntled personnel recently, it may be a positive move to change locks and alarm codes. Evaluate any emergency procedures for the office and review that the office is within safety compliance – don’t neglect the computer security.

Meet with the Team.

Set a required office meeting to discuss the holiday season and security/safety measures with your team.

  • Review safety procedures for ALL personnel.
  • When possible, avoid any property showings during dark hours and set safety guidelines for all anyone working outside of the office.
  • Review or institute an emergency “warning” system for everyone.
  • Stress the importance of reporting any unusual or violent activity immediately or call 911.
  • Emphasize that no one should open any unknown packages and report them as well.
  • Review emergency evacuation procedures and emergency numbers, which should easily be accessed at all appropriate workstations and meeting areas in the office.

Prepare tenants

Send an email, snail mail letter, or tenant newsletter to tenants advising them to take increase precautions for their residence. Here are some basics to include.

  • Require tenants to check that their smoke alarm/detectors are working properly and to replace batteries if they are defective.
  • Remind them that more fires happen in the fourth quarter of the year and that a working smoke alarm can help save their lives if a fire does occur.
  • Ask them to notify their property manager immediately if their smoke alarm is NOT working. It may be helpful to offer free battery replacements to encourage them to keep the smoke alarm working.
  • Require tenants to check their holiday decorations for safety to avoid unnecessary fires and to remove the decorations for each holiday within 72 hours after the holiday ends.
  • Advise residents to remove packages as quickly as possible from doorsteps/entry ways and to close window coverings to avoid enticing thieves to steal holiday gifts.

Communicate with property owners

Send out an email, snail mail letter, or owner newsletter to property owners advising them of holiday hours and that your company is doing their best to encourage tenants to take safety precautions during the long holiday season. At the same time, you can review your holiday hours so they are prepared and remind them to keep their property insurance updated. Communication can only help strengthen property manager/owner relationships.

Take a positive approach and help everyone enjoy the holiday season.The Emergency / Disaster System for Real Estate and Property Management