As I look back on 2020 what stands out for me is not the stress of daily Covid-19 reports, the struggles with homeschooling and working remotely, the negativity on TV and the elections where compromise seems to be dead, the long lines of cars picking up food boxes, and the small businesses trying so hard to stay in business…it is all the good that I see despite the challenges of this year. 

Here is a list of what I will take away from 2020.

  • Healthcare workers showing up daily to care for patients
  • People giving and volunteering to help others in need
  • Customers of small businesses giving generously, prepaying for services, donating to Go Fund Me accounts
  • Saving on gas, dry cleaning (if that is done anymore) and car repairs by working from home
  • Family meals together, game nights, playing with kids and connecting as a family
  • Slowing life down, enjoying simple pleasures
  • New hobbies or old ones revisited…baking bread, sewing, gardening, playing hoops, learning an instrument
  • Sitting on the porch with coffee in hand every morning and enjoying the sounds of birds
  • Beginning and ending your day with sunrises and sunsets
  • Enjoying the sounds of the ocean and the surfers catching waves amongst the otters and seals
  • Getting in shape whether it is daily walks, your peloton routine or just eating better
  • Zoom or Facetime with friends and family…I am seeing both more than I ever did when I wasn’t restricted to home
  • Getting back to nature with hikes, camping, RVing, kayaking, biking
  • Daily looking for something to savor such as my roses blooming, the trees changing colors or getting on the floor and playing with my dog
  • Home cooked meals
  • Learning to be realistic and kind to self…We are all doing the best we can at any given moment and that is enough. I am talking to you perfectionists and control people…of which I am a work in progress, too.
  • Working, and in my comfy clothes – love it!
  • Seeing bank account balances increase since discretionary money isn’t being spent
  • I read 6 books a month which not only adds to my enjoyment, and downtime but personal and professional growth
  • Grateful I am healthy
  • I have friends, family, and colleagues that I am blessed to have in my world.

I am sure I could go on and on, but you get the point.  There will always be challenges in the world but I contend there is more to be grateful for and blessed about which at the end of the day it is the memories, moments, experiences and relationships that we will treasure all the other stuff is just noise.

I challenge all of you to keep a running gratitude list and have your kids do the same.  Our mindset is developed by what we consume and focus upon so look for the positive in life.  It will serve you better than the alternative.