Hiring strategies are important when you’re running a successful property management company. As the former broker of a property management company, I know that one of the biggest challenges you face is finding really good employees. It can take up so much of your time. Today, we’re talking about how to make the process work better for you, and how to find team members who are a good fit for your company.

Take your Time Hiring Good People

We often hear the phrase in business that you should hire quick and fire slow. Actually, it should be the reverse. You should hire slow and fire quickly. The problem with that is when we’re trying to hire someone, we’re usually in panic mode. Maybe an employee has given you two weeks’ notice or even less, and you have to hire a new person for that position as soon as possible. Or, perhaps something has changed overnight and you need new staff right away. This can be stressful, and it’s natural to just want to get a warm body into the office no matter who they are and what they can do. But, it’s better if you slow the process down and make sure you have the right person.

Balancing Character and Skills When Hiring

Look for the character of the person you are hiring. Naturally, you want to find someone who is skilled, but you really have to think about what it is you need on your team. Who will best fit your company’s values and vision? You can always train a person in job skills. Character and personality are things that cannot be taught. Either they match what you need or they don’t.

Use a DISC Assessment

The other thing we recommend is to use a DISC assessment. This is a personality test that doesn’t measure intelligence or aptitude. But, it does profile human behavior and will give you an idea of how a potential employee will act in certain situations. The questionnaire will ask questions that reveal how a person might handle challenges, take criticism, and respond to others. You can find a free DISC assessment online, and we can give you a little hint. For most property management positions, you’re going to be looking for a strong SC.

The S stands for Supportive. These are steady, people-oriented individuals who stay calm and don’t get upset. Think about a 9-1-1 operator. That’s a perfect S. You want that in your property management company. The C stands for Cautious. That’s someone like your bookkeeper. They are detailed and cautious. The SC combination works because as property managers, we deal with contracts and leases and other documents that have to be detailed and correct.

So, when you’re hiring, you want to look for the best personality fit. You can always train your employees in their job. They have to have the aptitude, but look for a strong SC and you’ll have a good chance of getting the right hire the first time.

If you have any questions about DISC assessments or hiring the best employees, please contact us at Landlord Source. We’d love to tell you more.

Kathleen Richards, is the owner of LandlordSource and The Property Management Coach.  With her 13 years as a broker/owner of a property management company she speaks from experience. Kathleen authored, Property Management A-Z and teaches regularly at community colleges and conferences on property management topics. She is active in her field and holds professional designations as Master Property Manager (MPM®) and Residential Management Professional (RMP®) and her company held the coveted, Certified Residential Management  Company (CRMC®) designation from NARPM®. She is currently a National Instructor for NARPM® and is honored to be sharing best practices with other NARPM®  professionals.  Kathleen has served at the local and state level on the boards for NARPM® (National Association of Residential Property Managers).
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