Frequently Asked Property Management Questions

Listed below are some property management questions that are most frequently asked. I hope this will answer them for you.

PM Made Easy products:

  • save you the time required to create these resources from scratch
  • project professionalism because they are customizable – just add logo and company info
  • save the cost of paying personnel to create the manuals for you
  • give you confidence that you are doing things right and are legally compliant
  • increase productivity by getting your staff up to speed quickly – products great for training staff.
  • help grow your profits and company by providing a consistent customer experience

The PM Made Easy products were created by real estate / property management experts, based on experience and research. They are based on U.S. Federal Law and common property management issues. If you are not based in the U.S., you will have to customize any included law or practices to your area.

You, the buyer, are still responsible for:

  • reviewing the products to ensure they comply with the laws that govern your business
  • editing the products to comply with federal, state, and local laws
  • editing the products to comply with any updates on all laws
  • customizing the products to align with your business policies and practices
  • consulting with your attorney prior to putting the customized documents into use

Read each product description to find out more details of the specific contents.

Each purchase includes:

  • a downloadable .zip file (articles are .doc) for each product – you extract the contents before you customize the documents
  • a PDF file with thorough instructions that provide time-saving tips for customizing the documents through Microsoft Word® (click here to install the free Adobe PDF Reader)

After you buy a PM Made Easy product you’ll receive an email with a receipt and an email that contain a link to download your purchase. The download is available for 4 days. You can download four times.

PM Made Easy are individual products much like buying a downloadable book.  We are not a software company.  We offer digital download products that you can customize to your business. Because there is no way to know who updated their products and when, we have no way of knowing when they need an update. However, we invite you to sign up for our free email newsletter, Professional Management Matters. We use this newsletter to educate everyone about laws and industry changes that might impact your operations. It is up to you to update your products on a regular basis.

You’ll download your purchase and extract the customizable Microsoft Word® documents from the .zip file. Easily add, remove, or modify any part of a form, manual, or document. Watch the following demo video to see how you’ll use Microsoft Word® to customize the product. The instructional video below references LandlordSource which is the former name of PM Made Easy.  The content is still relevant although the name has changed.

When you checkout through our shopping cart, you will select the PayPal checkout option. PayPal is an industry leader in online payment processing, providing a secure, trustworthy transaction interface.

Through PayPal, you can submit payment via:

  • credit card
  • PayPal balance
  • Bank transfer

You don’t need to create or log into a PayPal account to purchase. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can still pay using a credit card.

The product downloads are available after the PayPal transaction has fully processed. Downloads will not activate until PayPal fully processes the payment. The payment is generally processed shortly after purchase. However, in some cases, it can take up to 24 hours for PayPal to review and process a transaction.

Due to their electronic nature, the PM Made Easy products are non-refundable. If you experience difficulty downloading a product, please contact us at [email protected] to request assistance. We’ll help you with your purchase.

We recommend you maintain backups for the original PM Made Easy product and the version you customize for your own property management company at all times. Then you are sure to have a copy of the most recent version if you have computer issues or another unforeseeable situation occurs. It is your responsibility to keep an ORIGINAL Copy on a thumb drive or in the cloud or on an external hard drive – basically in a safe place.

The PM Made Easy product downloads are available for 4 days after your original purchase. After 4 days, the download link expires. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you download your purchase IMMEDIATELY.

We DO NOT OFFER REPLACEMENTS. If you purchased your product more than 4 days ago, you will need to purchase the product again.

The Word version is 100% editable, each letter, word etc.  We highlight in red where you will add your own information.  It does take more time to complete your manual with the Word version because you must use more care in how you edit and save the manual.  Please SAVE and ORIGINAL copy before you start making changes.

The PDF version has fillable boxes that you will enter your information into, but you will NOT be able to edit the body of the manual.  You are entering the same information whether in Word or PDF version, but the difference is that with PDF fillable the text entered will auto populate throughout the document such as the company name.  You can complete your manual in about an hour.  However, you cannot edit the body of the text.  If you use a fillable lease or notices from your local property management association the body of the document is not editable, but you are able to add the pertinent info in the fillable boxes. This Policy & Procedure Manual is the same.

No, you cannot edit the body of the manual.  You will enter your pertinent info into fillable boxes.  

If you are adept at MS Word and comfortable with editing, then the Word version is for you.

If you are not adept at MS Word, or you are having an Audit/Starting a PM company and need a Policy & Procedure Manual quickly then the PDF version is good for you.

If your business is only Property Management or only Real Estate Sales, then buy the correct version of the Policy & Procedure Manual.

If your business does both here is how to decide.  If the same agent will do Sales AND Property Management, then get the Combo version.  If you have different people working in different departments (ie Sales agents only do Sales, and Property Managers only do PM) then get the individual Policy & Procedure Manual for each department.

All PM Made Easy products are digital downloads.  You will be sent several emails immediately after purchase.  One is a receipt showing your purchase.  The other email is a Product & Instruction email from PM Made Easy that has instructions such as 4 days to download your product, number of times you can download product and at the bottom of the email instructions are the LINKs to download your product.  If you don’t receive it. Look in your Spam or Junk folder for the email.  Also, often people will use a different email address when making the purchase so check other emails you might use to see if the email with the links is in that alternate email box.

We do not offer returns.  All products are digital downloads. All purchases made are FINAL.

No unfortunately, all PMME products are digital downloads and we are no refunds or returns allowed.

No, we do not offer upgrades.  Our products are created in MS Word they are not software in and of themselves.  Products are updated annually and hopefully you are customizing the products to your State and how you conduct business.  There is no way we can offer an upgrade.

No, we do not provide customer support to help with editing.  We suggest that you refer to the product instructions, that come with each product that your purchase, that guide you through most edits that you will make or Google “How to…” to find the answer or video showing you how to make the changes you wish.

We’re happy to answer your questions. Please send an email to [email protected] to request assistance.