If you are like my property management clients December is anything but slow. In fact, it is the last leg of a 12-month race, and you can see the finish line in site.  Looking back now that we are in a new year it was a blur. December is super stressful for many with juggling family time, shopping, preparing for the holidays, throwing in some travel and add to that closing out the year in your business and no wonder you can’t really remember what you did in December. So, how do we calibrate and start the new year on the right foot, with the right intention, with the right strategy? Below is a series of questions to help you map out your 2024 so that you can have your Best Year Yet. Give yourself 30 minutes to answer the questions and gain clarity for the road ahead.

  1. What did you accomplish in 2023?

Did you gain new clients, increase profits, hire your first team member, or start a property management business?

  1. What were your biggest disappointments in 2023?

We all have disappointments.  Maybe we didn’t add as many new clients as we had forecasted, or we had a higher turnover with staff than anticipated. Maybe you found yourself working 12-hour days, 7 days a week.

  1. What did you learn?

Boundaries are important. Guard your time. Time Block. Put systems in place. Know your ideal client, pricing, and services. Everyone will take away their own lessons but what matters is what you do with the lessons learned.  Do you embrace the lessons and make changes or keep doing the same thing?

  1. What would you do differently?

This is where the deep work happens and the actions for new goals take place. This is where you decide if you are going to implement changes or not.

  1. What got in the way of reaching your goals?

Be honest with yourself.  Was it fear, not valuing what you bring to the table? Limiting beliefs? Often, we get in our own way. Lack of organization? The inability to say, “no.” Taking on the wrong clients? Not having our basic systems in place? This is where accountability shows up. Owning our failures and being open to learning how to do things right or better.

  1. What are your personal values?

Why is this important? Once you know your values it makes everything you do easier. You want to work with clients that have the same values and goals as you. You want to hire people who are in sync with your values. What distinguishes you from your competition is your values. When you show up authentically, truthfully, living your values and don’t compromise on them you create trust. When you give people the choice to work with you or not, that confidence will weed out the bad players from those you want to serve.

  1. What is your WHY as a property management professional?

Understanding your values will lead to clarity around your WHY for being in business or doing what you do. It can’t just be about the money or the number of doors under management.  That isn’t a big enough Why. Your Why must be connected to your emotions to keep you going when the going gets tough. For example, if you want to make 300,000 annually, what does that 300,000 allow you to do? Care for aging parents, put kids through school, buy your first home, save for retirement, etc.  The reason for the Why is what will keep you motivated.

  1. What is your primary goal for 2024?

Notice I say primary goal.  It is best to have one main goal that you put all your energy behind. That one big goal once accomplished will move the needle in your business. The book, The One Thing, by Gary Keller focuses on this concept. If you have too many goals, there is the chance you won’t accomplish any of them completely. You get spread out as does your energy.  Maybe your primary goal is to hire someone to handle the myriad of tasks and disruptions daily so that you can focus on growing the business. Maybe your primary goal is to hire a BDM (salesperson) to focus exclusively on growth and you focus on the Operations of the business.

  1. Why that goal?

If you are like me, I have a ton of ideas and goals. I have learned to discipline myself by asking, “why that goal?” Then keep asking, “why” until you reach the real reason. This will help you get clarity about if your goals are on target or just busy work to make you feel important.

  1. How can you ensure you achieve your goal(s)?

This question is about commitment and accountability to yourself. What checks are you going to put in place to hold yourself accountable for getting the work done that leads to accomplishing your goals? Are you going to have an accountability partner? Are you going to check your goals quarterly? Who is on your team to help you succeed?

Taking time to reflect on the past year, gleaning a few take aways, and being intentional about the coming year’s goals along with putting in place your support team for accountability will ensure that you have your Best Year Yet.  Here’s to a 2024 full of accomplishments.