If you’re managing properties that have pools, it’s essential that they are maintained properly not only during the Summer months, but in the off-season as well. There are a number of issues a pool could encounter, if you’re not proactive.

Here is a handy guide to some of the pool maintenance issues you may encounter and five tips to help keep them from turning into MAJOR problems.

There are several issues that all property managers will encounter when dealing with pools.

Algae Growth

If you’ve noticed a pool is looking a little green, it means algae is starting to develop. When caught early on, shocking the pool with chlorine provides a simple solution.

A 2-gallon container of liquid chlorine will run less than $10. Along with scrubbing the walls and bottom of the pool’s floor and skimming out residue, shocking should be done every week or so to prevent algae buildup, especially if the property is located somewhere with a lot of humidity, which causes more rapid growth.

If the algae problem does become severe, you’ll need a professional to perform an acid wash, which could cost as much as $250.

Dirty or Clogged Filters

Water should be able to flow easily through the pool’s filters. Filters that aren’t maintained could lead to major problems down the line with the pool’s circulation system. You can backwash the pool filter every week to keep it clear of debris.

A neglected filter will likely require a replacement cartridge, which can cost as much as $75 depending on size and capacity.

Incorrect pH Balance

When a pool doesn’t have the right pH balance, it can cause damage to the pool equipment, result in excessive algae, and even make skin dry and itchy. You can purchase a basic home testing kit for about $10 to find out if the pool is within recommended limits.

You’ll then be able to determine if other chemicals are needed to maintain the pH level and help prevent expensive repairs that could potentially cost your client hundreds of dollars.

Falling Water Level

While all pools lose water through use and natural evaporation, this is especially true in areas with a dry climate. It’s important to inspect the water level every time the pool is cleaned.

If the water is low and falls below the skimmer basket intake tubes, it can cause issues with the pool pump. Keep the pool full with water at the appropriate level, and you can avoid having to replace the pump, which could cost upwards of $1,000 or more depending on the type.

5 Necessities for Fall/Winter Pool Maintenance

  1. Install a Pool Cover
  2. Check ALL Pool Parts (Pump, Filter and Heater)
  3. Check Pool Chemistry
  4. Invest in a Temperature Sensor

And Number 5… For a low fee, a regular pool service can take care of these maintenance needs and keep the pool operating and looking like it should.

Being proactive with pool care and maintenance will help your properties avoid major problems later and save money in the long-term.


Mickey Bleeker of Alpha and Omega Pool Services, provides superior pool maintenance and cleaning services to the Henderson, Nevada community.


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