There is no denying that Property Management can be an all-consuming profession. Once a Property Management business is established, however, it can be a fun and fruitful enterprise. For those who are considering starting a property management company, will 2022 be a good year and is the timing right?.

On this episode of Property Management Brainstorm, host Bob Preston is joined by Kathleen Richards who will share her thoughts on starting her own company and coaching others how to do the same. Kathleen is Founder of The Property Management Coach. She is also a nationally recognized coach, speaker, instructor, author, and thought leader for the last 30 years focusing on business, leadership, and specifically the field of property management.

A time-stamped transcript is below.

Topics Covered

[2:30] Kathleen introduces herself and tells a bit about her coaching company, The Property Management Coach.

[4:15] With all the changes in the real estate market and landlord/tenant laws, is this a good time to start a Property Management company?

[10:10] Before starting a Property Management company, should that person to do an initial gut check to make sure they are cut out for it?

[17:50] Success factors and the profile of a person who is well suited to start a Property Management company.

[24:15] Buying an existing Property Management company vs. starting your own company … which is the best approach?

[28:15] Bob and Kathleen discuss buying a franchise to start a Property Management company.

[31:15] Kathleen speaks about her approach and her “Three Step Approach” to running a successful Property Management company.

[40:10] Kathleen shares her story about how and why she got her start in Property Management.

[33:10] Kathleen shares her closing thoughts and to can reach her to learn more about her Property Management coaching and training.

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