We all know that property owners more than ever use the Internet to hire a property management company. Especially important is your company’s search ranking on Google and Bing, which collectively comprise about 86% of US searches (Google about 63% and Bing 23%). If you aren’t ranking well on these search engines (try searching “[city name] property management”), here are 3 easy things any property management company owner can do to improve search rankings and get more business.

Google My Business and Bing Places

Head on over to Google My Business and Bing Places and claim your business listing. These search engines rank verified businesses higher in search results and you’ll be able to add photos of your office and staff, a link to your website, and other pertinent business information to your listing which will improve the look and feel of your online listing.

The key here is consistency. You should ensure that your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) information is exactly the same on Google and Bing, as well as any other Internet directories you might appear on. Search engines aggregate information, so if your business listings are consistent, you’ll be seen as more credible.

Get Reviews!

92% of consumers read online reviews. If your business doesn’t have any reviews, or if they are all negative, you need to take action. It all starts with personally asking your customers to review you online. Google uses it’s own review platform called Google Reviews and Bing uses the Yelp! platform.

Don’t offer money or free service in exchange for reviews. Just ask your clients to go to Google or Yelp and write a review. Don’t worry about negative reviews – they’re going to happen. If you choose to respond to a negative review, don’t get emotional and offer a solution to the problem.

Content, Content, Content

This one isn’t as easy. But if you’ve completed the other 2 tasks, you’re well on your way to improving your search engine ranking. The next step is to start creating online content for your business.

Online content can take many forms – pages on your website, blog articles, newspaper articles – basically, anything that is online and has some connection to your company. Google has become a huge company mainly by connecting people to the relevant information they’re looking for.

Don’t create online content just for content’s sake. Your goal here is to create content that demonstrates your company’s expertise, offers helpful information to your clients, and demonstrates how your company can help solve problems. Whether you hire someone to create content or do it yourself, creating relevant, unique, and interesting online content will help connect people with your business and improve your chances of being found in Internet searches.


Many business owners feel that improving their search engine ranking is beyond their reach or will cost lots of money. In some cases, it might be useful to hire a professional. But any business owner can take the 3 steps listed above and begin the process of improving their search engine ranking. Take action today and make sure your next client finds your property management company online!

Nathan Garrett is principal and former managing broker of Home Finders Leasing and Management, Inc. a Tulsa property management company in Oklahoma. He has over 15 years experience in the real estate industry as a real estate developer, investor, property manager, and principal of real estate companies.


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