4th Quarter AdvantagesWow – it seems that you’ve just set up your goals for the year and now you realize that the year is quickly coming to an end! While, it is always good to look ahead toward the New Year, it is also important to remember that the years is NOT yet over. NOW is the perfect time to take advantage of rest of THIS year.

A wise man once said, “how do you know where you are going if you don’t know where you’ve been?”

Stop and take the time to review the current year. What were your current year goals? If you didn’t achieve them, ask yourself why? What would you have done differently? It pays to reflect on what you did or did not accomplish before you plunge into planning new goals, tasks, budgets, etc. We all wish we had the gift of hindsight but since we don’t, intelligent reflection of what we did and why is the next best thing.

Perhaps you didn’t make a formalized plan for 2016. The year still happened, probably with both successes and (hopefully few) failures. Stop to review what happened so far during the current year and don’t forget that reflecting on disappointments is a productive task – they often help you to plan or operate more effectively.

If you did make your 2016 goals, congratulations – that must feel great! However, you should also stop to ask, “what else could I achieve?” This will help you figure out what you can still do this year and plan for another successful New Year.

How can you take advantage of the balance of this year?

Just remember, there is still time in 2016 and you still may be able to accomplish some objectives or set up plans for the coming year.

  • Now is a good time to get your Team together and create enthusiasm during the holiday season. Your personnel may give you new insights on what has happened this year and create unity and enthusiasm for the fourth quarter. What would be better than having them pumped up and ready to jumpstart the 1st quarter of the New Year. Plan some type of retreat and include some fun. This can change the attitude and performance of any office.
  • Did you attend a conference during the year where you picked up great ideas, spotted new tools, or explored new services to help support your business? Pick one or more to give new life to the 4th quarter? Can you begin by purchasing products, tools or contracting with a new vendor service so your team is ready to use them in the coming year?
  • The last quarter of the year is often a great time to save on a new computer, printer, supplies, and much more because of all the incredible sales during the last quarter, both in stores and online. Companies are trying very hard to increase their bottom line during the last quarter and offer amazing deals. Just do your homework and don’t forget the importance of comparison shopping. You could save up to 10-25% or more if you purchased now rather than wait until the next year.
  • There may be tax advantages for the current year by buying new products or services. Review everything with your accountant or tax person to see if you need more tax savings. Once January 1 is officially here, that opportunity is out the door if you are on an annual calendar and taxable expenditures may shift into another year.

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Act quickly and take advantage of 2016 – it won’t happen again and your actions may help you jumpstart 2017. Have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

Jean Storms - Owner and Author of LandlordSource ProductsJean Storms, MPM® is the founder/author of LandlordSource and has been a NARPM® member since January 1993.

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