I believe in going on vacation – I find that just the planning, the anticipation of having new experiences, repeating old Property Management Vacationones, and meeting new people puts a smile on my face and gives me a new lease on life. I learned early that there are few obstacles that can prevent you from taking time off.

Think about this – taking time for vacation IS essential to your job performance and your health!

I can hear it now – you don’t have time, you have too much to do, there is no one to do your job, you’ll lose business, you don’t have enough money, blah, blah, blah. There are a thousand reasons why you can’t take a vacation – they are probably all valid in some way or another at some time or another. NOT!

In reality, most of the time your reasons are simply excuses – I know because I used to make them. I allowed other people and situations to control my life. Then I finally realized that ninety-eight percent of the time I was the problem – not others. If you continue with a negative attitude about taking a vacation and make no effort to do so, you will crash and burn.

Now is the time to step back and like that overused phrase “think outside the box.” Here is a formula to make your vacation happen.

P Plan in advance. Plan a budget for your pending vacation. Pick a date and destination. Plan vacation time during the month and year that are more conducive to vacation time than others – you know what they are.
L Lose the attitude there is no one else to cover your job and you cannot take time off. Let all personnel know they cannot request the same time for their vacation/leave time if this is necessary. Let go of the idea that management difficulties cannot be overcome.
A Assign various tasks to other personnel. Assemble outside sources to cover the bases if you have a one-person office. Adjust your schedule and duties accordingly. Attack vacation plans with enthusiasm and a can-do Attitude.
N Notify everyone necessary of your plans at the appropriate time- family, friends, personnel, property owners, tenants, vendors, services, etc. Never feel guilty for taking time to recharge your batteries and pamper yourself.

Well, as I write this, I am getting ready to leave on a 26 day vacation to Europe. If you think that doesn’t take some planning, budgeting, and effort, then you are dead wrong. It would be simpler to take a less expensive and easier vacation than the one I am planning but then I would miss all the wonderful people and great experiences I know are waiting for me.

Ask yourself – what do you have to lose? Instead, think of what you will gain – a new perspective, new experiences, possibly see new sights, make new friends, or reconnect with friends and family. There are endless possibilities and guess what, you deserve it! Here is a vacation checklist to help you with this endeavor. (If you have trouble downloading this checklist, email [email protected] and request it be emailed to you)

You just need to PLAN!Stop The Fires - A Checklist System for Property Management

If you don’t feel like you can take a vacation, you may not have organized systems in place so that your clientele and personnel can handle your absence. Does this sound like you? It is never too late to organize your property management company. LandlordSource products can help you do just that!

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