If you follow the LandlordSource blog, read the Professional Management Matters Newsletter, or have ever talked with us by phone or in person, then it is no big secret that we’re big NARPM® fans.  NARPM®, the National Association of Residential Property Managers, is dedicated to education, networking, ethics, and advocacy for the property management industry.
Here are 10 reasons to become a NARPM® member:

  1. NARPM® established a code of ethics for property managers and holds industry professionals accountable for operating ethical businesses.
  2. NARPM® members can earn designations that validate their knowledge and professionalism and help differentiate them from non-professional property managers.
  3. NARPM® has great designation classes, both live and online(so busy property managers can take designation classes without travel expenses.)- See the class schedules: Online / Live
  4. NARPM® has local chapters that make it convenient for property managers to network and learn from one another on a regular basis.
  5. NARPM® has great events: an annual convention and trade show, a broker / owner retreat, and regional conferences. These are great opportunities for business owners and personnel to get out of the office, meet professionals from all over the United States, and learn.
  6. NARPM® promotes professional property management and works to apprise members of important legislation through the website, the Residential Resource (NARPM®’s monthly magazine), and national and chapter events.
  7. NARPM® members understand the value of creating professional systems that help them better serve their clients, their personnel, and grow their businesses.
  8. NARPM® members are often industry innovators, looking for new resources & technologies that help them provide better service to their clientele.
  9. NARPM® gives industry vendors (like LandlordSource) a chance to network with property managers so we can get to know you better. We enjoy seeing old friends and meeting new ones at regional events and national conference.
  10. NARPM® members like to laugh and have fun.

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