Hiring & Interviewing Process Manuals

We take a detailed look at the hiring and interview process you should follow to successfully grow your Real Estate / Property Management company. Who should you hire? What goes into a job description and how to recruit, interview and onboard the right candidate to join the team. Hiring can be an extremely expensive endeavor especially when the person turns out to not be the right fit and you have to start over again. These two manuals and supporting documents provide a step by step process to hiring and interviewing so you can confidently grow your team.

This product addresses

  • defining who to hire
  • how to create a job description
  • recruiting and interviewing
  • how to onboard new staff, and more

Included in this product

  • Hiring Process Manual – PDF
  • The Interview Process Guide – PDF
  • 15 customizable forms – Job Descriptions/Interview Questions
  • 25+ page PDF product instructions

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