Your home is among your most valuable assets, as real estate undergoes appreciation over time. The cost of land continues to rise over the years due to inflation, and is only marginally affected by periods of recession. If you are planning to sell your house in the near future, it is wise to make some amendments to increase its market value. Optimizing your current property will help make way to your dream home at a faster pace. Strategic estate planning can earn you huge profits, and it is no secret that presentation is an exceedingly vital aspect.

Recall all the times you went apartment shopping or looked at houses before settling. There is no denying that aesthetic value counts; houses that look beautiful are much more appealing, and they are worth the heftier price tag. There are many different ways to add value to a home, but the following five are the most practicable and effective:

1. Fresh Paint

A house that is well maintained and spotless is a winner. A fresh coat of paint can instantly make a house look as good as new. Stained, soiled, peeling, and tattered walls are obviously going to make potential buyers grimace. A paint job is one of the most affordable fixes and it has a high ROI (return of investment. You can even opt for a DIY project to save more money. You may paint the interior and exterior, using conventional or trending colors.

2. Remodeling the Kitchen

The kitchen is probably the most important space of a family home, which ages quickly because it is increasingly prone to wear and tear. Remodeling the kitchen of an old house is a promising strategy to make it appear more contemporary and welcoming. You can start by updating common kitchen appliances and restoring existing wood work. It is recommended to opt for stainless steel electronics, as they make the kitchen look sleek and modern. Other improvements you should consider include expansion of storage space, brighter lighting, and seamless plumbing.

3. Renovation of Bathrooms

Lavish and tidy bathrooms can totally change the way your house is perceived. Updating sanitary fittings and putting in a few fancy elements make a big difference. You don’t have to splurge on a brand new Jacuzzi or expensive tiles. You can always tweak and refine what you already have. You may refinish an old tub instead of replacing it, install adjustable lighting, and opt for cheaper lookalike materials (such as ceramic tiles that look like wood panels).

4. Landscaping

First impressions are imperative, so it makes sense that your house looks as stunning on the outside, as it is from the inside. Landscaping grants beauty and finesse to the exterior of a house. Plantation provides shade and fresh air; also, the greenery has such a calming effect. Houses adorned with a well maintained yard, furnished outdoor space, flower beds, trees, and evergreen vegetation are in high demand.

5. Adding Technology and Energy Efficiency

Modern families are inclined towards smart and energy efficient homes. Buying a house and then replacing all its old appliances with latest tech can be very expensive. Therefore, a house that comes with progressive fittings/equipment shall be preferred. Smart and green products are a somewhat pricey investment, though the incentives are huge and long-lasting.


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