Tenant Manual

Setting Expectations Tenant Manual

As a property manager, you manage relationships as well as properties! Good systems for working with tenants are critical to your success. This manual will help you set expectations, clarify policies and procedures, and manage your tenant relationships. Well-educated tenants save your staff time and headaches. The supporting forms increase efficiency and help to mitigate risk with tenants. Add to, remove, or modify any part of these templates.

This product includes:

  • the tenant manual + 9 tenant forms
  • product instructions

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Manual Format: The Setting Expectations Tenant Manual for Property Management is created in Microsoft Word® so you can easily customize the contents with your local / state requirements, your specific business practices, and your company brand identity.

Product Instructions: All PM Made Easy products include the 25+ pages of Product Instructions in a PDF Format. It is important to read the Product Instructions designed to save hours of time and frustration before you start the manual. Make sure to save an original copy and place in a secure location.

Special notes: The manual uses (PM Made Easy) & (PMME) throughout as an example of a company name and initials. It is simple to replace them with your company name and initials in the manual document, using the Microsoft Word® feature, “Find & Replace,” which is included in the Instruction pages of the workbook. Red Text indicates areas that you should definitely change to your company, state, or local information

Table of Contents: The Table of Contents is subject to change when necessary. All manuals created by PM Made Easy have a built-in Table of Contents, which you can automatically update after making changes to the text in the manual.

Forms:  9 customizable forms

(Company Initials) Welcomes You. 7

(Company Initials) Personnel 8

Tenant Communication. 9

Telephone calls during office hours. 9

Voicemail 9

After hours calls. 9

Emergency calls. 9

Maintenance requests. 9

Change of information. 10

Email 10

Website. 10

General Office Information. 10

Address information. 10

Telephone. 10

Internet 10

Office Hours. 11

Emergency information. 11

Protect Your Rental and Credit History. 11

Rental/lease agreement 11

Moving Checklist 11

Utility/Cable Companies. 11

Rental payments. 11

Fees/charges. 12

Maintenance reimbursement 12

Care of the Property. 13

Getting to know your residence. 13

Maintenance. 13

Tenant Renovations/Alterations. 13

Tenant Maintenance responsibilities. 14

Procedures for requesting maintenance. 14

If there is an emergency. 14

Non-emergencies: 15

Preventative cleaning tips. 15

Additional cleaning tips. 16

Energy saving tips. 17

Renters insurance. 18

Safety Tips. 19

Vacation checklist 19

Holiday tips. 20

Emergency/disasters. 21

Drug free housing. 21

Frequently asked questions. 22

Giving your notice. 23

Setting up your move out appointment 24

Preparing the Property. 25

Cleaning. 25

Carpet Cleaning. 25

Draperies/window coverings/windows. 25

Replacements. 26

Pest control 26

Landscape clean up. 26

Trash. 26

Painting. 27

Your security deposit refund. 27

(Company Initials) Additional Tenant Forms. 27

  • Moving checklist/utility numbers. 27
  • Emergency/disaster checklist 27
  • Tenant ACH request 27
  • Work order request 27
  • Add roommate request 27
  • Cable/satellite/TV request 27
  • Request to add pet 27
  • Partial notice to vacate. 27
  • Notice to vacate. 27

Conclusion  28


(Company Initials) Welcomes You

(Company Name) welcomes you as a new resident. (Company Initials) is an abbreviation used in lieu of the full company name, (Company Name) and is used throughout this Manual.

To achieve a successful tenant/management relationship, we prepared the (Company Initials) Tenant Manual to assist you with your tenancy. We recommend that you keep it in a convenient location so that you can refer to it easily.

You will find maintenance guidelines, rental payment instructions, general information, safety tips, vacation guidelines, emergency instructions, holiday tips, and more.

We have also included forms for you to use when necessary. (Company Initials) wants you to be prepared throughout your tenancy. Therefore, we want to provide important information and documents that you may need in the future.

The owner of the property has retained (Company Name) ((Company Initials)) as their property management company and representative to manage the property you are renting. Therefore, you need to contact (Company Initials) when you need assistance.

If you have questions or concerns on any of the information contained in this documentation, contact our office at any time. (Company Initials) is here to help you.

We wish you a successful and enjoyable tenancy in your new residence.


Tenant Communication

On the next page, we have provided general office information, and we have just covered the (Company Initials) teams on the previous page. Communication makes a difference in any area of life, and it can only enhance your tenancy by letting (Company Initials) know what you need.

Use the telephone, email, the (Company Initials) website email access, or written correspondence to contact us. What is important is that you DO contact us when you need assistance. Remember (Company Initials) is here to help you.

Telephone Calls During Office Hours

During office hours, there is normally a person available to answer your call. Please state the reason for your call so that someone can assist you or direct your call to the right party. Your management team may not be available or in the office, and one of the office team members may be able to help you with your request.


If during the day you reach our voice mail system, use the extension number for the party you are trying to reach. If they are not available, leave a message complete with your name and the telephone numbers where (Company Initials) can reach you. Someone will return your call. The benefit of a voice mail system is the ability to leave a message twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

After Hours Calls

Of course, the voice mail system will take all messages after hours (please refer to the hours on the next page).

Emergency Calls

During normal office hours, immediately state if you have an emergency. If you reach the (Company Initials) voice mail system during office hours, or after the office is closed, immediately call the emergency number, #.

Maintenance Requests

Please remember that all work orders must be in writing, unless it is an emergency. This is in your rental agreement. You can access a work order form online through the (Company Initials) website, website address, your tenant portal, at the (Company Initials) office, and in this tenant Manual.

Change of Information

It is important that you notify (Company Initials) of any changes in telephone, fax, cell numbers, or email. An information change form is located in this Manual as well.


Email/texting is a great way to communicate and we request that you send your email address/cell number to office email. (Company Initials) will put your email address/cell number in our database. This enables your management team to contact you quickly and efficiently, and when needed, send you important information. In addition, you will receive our company email newsletter.

Please note that although communication by email/text is encouraged, (Company Initials) does not accept Notices to Vacate by text. (Company Initials) requires the Notice to Vacate in writing by email or form, and this form is included in the back of the (Company Initials) Tenant Manual.


The (Company Initials) website, website address, contains important information for tenants. Visit it regularly to use the Tenant services. There you can easily download a work order request and view the (Company Initials) tenant newsletter, Newsletter Name. You can also send emails to (Company Initials) directly from the website under the “contact us” page.


Protect Your Rental and Credit History

Some day you will eventually move out of this property. It is important that during your residency, you care for your rental history and credit. Most likely you will either rent again or purchase a home. In either case, you will need good rental references and a good credit report. Avoid late rent payments, care for the property, and move out properly. Give (Company Initials) the pleasure of being able to provide a good reference for you when you vacate the property.

Rental/Lease Agreement

You received a copy of your rental/lease agreement, including maintenance instructions, a Moving Checklist, and any other necessary documentation. We recommend that you keep this paperwork with this Manual for easy reference. Please always remember a rental/lease agreement is a binding agreement. If you have any questions regarding your lease, please call your (Company Initials) management team.

Moving Checklist

There is a great checklist in this package for when you are moving. You will find the Moving Checklist at the back of this manual.

Utility/Cable Companies

(Company Initials) cancels the utilities in the owner’s name on the 1st day of your rental agreement. To avoid discontinuation of service, contact the utility companies immediately. The Moving Checklist contains the telephone numbers of the utility services.

Rental Payments

Rent is due on the first of each month and late if not received by the fifth. If you know that you will have a delay or problem paying by the due date, contact your management team immediately. Lack of communication can affect your payment record.

(Company Initials) receives rental payments by:

  • USPS mail
  • In the (Company Initials) office
  • By using ACH (Automated Clearing House) – this automatically takes your rental payment directly from your bank and deposits it into the (Company Initials) bank, saving you time.

(Company Initials) does NOT accept rental payments in:

  • Cash
  • Rolled coins
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Post-dated checks


If you fail to pay rent on time and in full, you could incur the following charges:

  • Late fee – the (Company Initials) late fee is $ amount if rent is not received by the fifth.
  • Service fee – the (Company Initials) service fee is $ amount, if a Notice to Pay or Quit is served due to rent not received in a timely manner.
  • Maintenance charge – (Company Initials) will bill you if you have made an appointment with a vendor but failed to meet them at the scheduled time. If (Company Initials) receives a service billing, you are responsible for reimbursement.

Maintenance Reimbursement

Generally, (Company Initials) assigns a vendor to perform work you request in your residence. However, if you have contacted (Company Initials) and requested to perform a minor maintenance item and (Company Initials) has agreed to reimburse you:

  • Pay the bill and send the receipt to (Company Initials). (Company Initials) will reimburse the amount due to you.
  • Do NOT deduct the amount from your rent.

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