Risk management is a recurring topic in Property Management because it’s so important. As a property manager, you are constantly asking yourself, “How can I manage and reduce risk for my Property Management business?” This bundle contains three answers to that exact question.


Policy & Procedures for Property Management

A property management policy and procedures manual is a living document that covers the broad scope of professionally managing property and working with investors. The manual also defines the company philosophy / mission and office organization / operations.


Red Flags Office Policy

The Red Flags Office Policy helps you comply with the FTC requirements, protect your clientele from identity theft, and train your personnel on this important issue.


Setting Expectations Owners Manual

How you set expectations and work with owners can make or break your property management business. Being inconsistent and not fulfilling expectations will end in losing a client or worse: a lawsuit. It can be hard to know what expectations should be set and where. This is why we created the Setting Expectations Owners Manual. This manual will help you set expectations, clarify policies and procedures, and manage your owner relationships. This will promote loyalty, retain accounts, and attract more referrals.