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Renters Insurance (T1)

The article points out why it is important to have renters insurance. In addition, it covers items to look for when shopping a policy. Approximately 440 words

The Unexpected Move (T2)

There are times when tenants must move and when that happens, they need to know what to do regarding notice, payment of rent, and more. Approximately 550 words

Avoiding Identify Theft (T3)

Identity theft is prevalent. This article covers ways to avoid the problem and what to do if they do encounter identify theft. Approximately 560 words

Are You Thinking of Going Green? (T4)

By practicing ways to help save the planet, tenants can also save money. The article covers ways to save on gas, utilities, and more. Approximately 600 words

Avoiding Mosquitoes (T5)

These pests are carriers for the West Nile Virus, which can be a deadly disease. The best course is prevention and there are many tips for this as well as spotting signs for the disease. Approximately 450 words.

Be Prepared (T6)

The article outlines steps to take before, during, and after an emergency and/or disaster, including a list of items that will assist with this task. Approximately 480 words

Handling the Heat (T7)

When extreme heat occurs, it is important to know how to recognize the effects of heat-related illness and what to do. Approximately 570 words

Coping with the Cold (T8)

The article contains tips on coping with extreme temperatures and how to watch for symptoms of exposure. Approximately 495 words

Making a House a Home (T9)

Many rental properties have a bland or neutral look throughout. The article provides tips on “making a house a home” without altering the property and breaking the lease. Approximately 600 words

Managing Credit Card Debt(T10)

The problem with credit card debt is that spending is easy, accumulates quickly, and can be very difficult to pay off. The article shows ways to avoid this problem. Approximately 560 words

Clean and Save (T11)

It is not necessary to buy costly cleaning products when there are common household products available that are inexpensive and just as effective. Approximately 510 words

Fire Prevention, Part 1 (T12)

Part 1 covers steps to take to prepare in the event of fire inside the property. It then covers what to do if a fire occurs. Approximately 600 words

Fire Prevention, Part 2 (T13)

Part 2 covers steps to take to prepare in the event of fire outside of the property. It then covers what to do if a fire occurs. Approximately 635 words

Savings for the Gas Tank (T14)

Because oil prices have gone up, filling up at the gas tank is very expensive today. This article covers steps to save on gasoline consumption. Approximately 535 words

Good Tenants are Good Neighbors (T15)

This article has great tips on how to be a “good neighbor” and avoid problems with the tenant’s rental history. Approximately 575 words

Fall Winter Maintenance Tips (T16)

This article covers inside and outside maintenance responsibilities, as well as tips on how to control pests during the cooler months. Approximately 620 words

Spring Summer Maintenance Tips (T17)

It does not take long for a residence to display a poor appearance after winter. This has tips inside and out on what to do during spring and summer. Approximately 480 words

Handling Winter Storms (T18)

It helps residents to be prepared, particularly during severe winter storms. This reviews how to prepare and what not to do. Approximately 560 words

Test Your Savings Skills (T19)

This article gives residents a way to test their skills at saving money because of the higher costs of food, gasoline, necessities, and utilities. Approximately 520 words

Spring Cleaning (T20)

Spring-cleaning is an old-fashioned term, but one that is still appropriate. This article provides a list of to-do’s for tenants. Approximately 500 words

Keep the Happy in Your Holidays (T21)

This explains methods to watch your health, use common sense safety methods, and enjoy the holidays. Approximately 570 words

New Year Resolutions for Residents (T22)

New Year Resolutions for Residents – Everyone makes resolutions and here are great ones for tenants to help them keep their credit and rental history intact. Approximately 550 words

Summer Fun (T23)

Summer signals fun – vacations, barbecues, swimming, boating, and many outdoor activities in the sun. Here are some great tips for maintaining enjoyment of summer activities. Approximately 510 words

Stretching Food Dollars (T24)

Prices in the grocery store have escalated. By planning, tenants can save money using these tips. Approximately 600 words

Seven Good Reasons to Call (T25)

There are times tenants should contact their property managers, such as when their smoke alarm does not work, maintenance is needed, work numbers, change, etc. Approximately 495 words

Are You Ready for the New Year (T26)

This article gives tenants tips on how to plan their finances, debt reductions, and general organization. Approximately 520 words

Focus on Safety (T27)

It is always important on residents to focus on safety and there are many issues in today’s world. Approximately 630 words

Avoiding Accidents at Home (T28)

They say that most accidents happen at home; by taking simple precautions, tenants can avoid them. Approximately 590 words

Avoiding Pesky Pests (T29)

There are many ways that tenants can avoid having problems with pests. This article gives many tips on maintaining a pest-free home. Approximately 550 words

Evading Scams (T30)

Scams are prevalent; it is a fact of life in today’s world. This review how they are in email, Internet, telephone calls, the mail, and even at the front door. Approximately 650 words

It’s a New Year and Reality Returns (T31)

When January arrives, it is time to return to practical issues after all the holiday season festivities. Now it is time for tenants to return to handling this reality. Approximately 545 words

How to Handle a Power Outage (T32)

Power outages can occur for many reasons. These are practical steps for tenants to take to reduce difficulties and cope with this situation. Approximately 710 words

Protect your Mobile Devices (T33)

Identity theft is a problem everywhere and nothing is more vulnerable than mobile Phones. The article provides tips on how to avoid problems. Approximately 550 words

Avoid Overspending(T34)

It can be easy to overspend on many occasions. The article provides tips on how to avoid this. Approximately 700 words

Transportation Tips (T35)

The majority of people use some type of motor vehicle. The article covers how to watch for signs of trouble and preventative measures. Approximately 570 words

Is Your Residence a Target for Theft (T36)

Tenants can take a positive approach and set up preventative measures to void theft in their residence. This article outlines steps tenants can do. Approximately 780 words

Avoid the Perils of the Parking Lot (T37)

Parking lot incidents happen all year and increase during busy holiday seasons or major events. It is important to be aware of what can happen. Approximately 710 words

Lightning Safety (T38)

The best solution is to avoid lightning whenever possible. When it is not avoidable, tenants should know the basic steps to take and seek help as soon as possible. Approximately 665 words