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Policy and Procedures for Property Management

Policy & Procedures Manual for Property Management
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A property management policy and procedures manual is a living document that covers the broad scope of professionally managing property and working with investors. The manual also defines the company philosophy / mission and office organization / operations.

Policies provide consistent guidelines for your staff and help them make decisions that comply with laws / regulations and align with your company practices.

Procedures provide instruction for completing responsibilities and are particularly useful in training new people.

Please read the Product Details below to understand the differences between the 3 versions offered.  Once purchased we are unable to exchange products.

This product includes:

  • the policy & procedures manual for property management
  • 14 forms to help you administer the manual, including acknowledgements, information, agreements, and more
  • product instruction

Products are non-transferable. Only the buyer or buyer’s representatives are authorized to modify and use the purchased content.

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