L107 Managing Winter Weather
This article outlines for your clients how you manage their rentals in Winter weather related events and how you bring value and protect their investment. Approx. 580 words

L106 Taking Care of Business
This article contains strategies to help your clients successfully manage their real estate investments through annual planning. Approx. 533 words

L105 Pest Control and Your Investment
A practical common sense approach to pest control is another way to protect your investment. The investor’s property management company works to minimize the problems and ways to handle the problem. Approximately 665 words

L104 Rewarding Tenants Can Be Profitable
Without a tenant, the property owner has no income; the tenant IS the client. The investment IS a business and it is a good move to reward tenants to increase their return on investment (ROI). Approximately 560 words

L103 New Energy Requirements in 2015/h4>
No one likes surprises that affect their investment financially. This article apprises the investor of the legislative changes concerning a new AC unit, heat pump, or water heater in 2015. Approximately 665 words

L102 Child Safety in Investment Property
Some property owners would like to avoid renting to tenants with children because they feel this can lead to more damage and additional expense when it comes to safety. This is not an option. Approximately 620 Words

L101 What Do Your Tenants Really Want?
When property owners provide fair pricing, a safe environment, and fair treatment, they give tenants what they really want. In turn, investors are setting up the best possible scenario for a successful tenancy. Approximately 550 Words

L100 Fair Housing and Assistance Animals
Fair Housing requirements make it unlawful for a property owner to refuse to allow a reasonable modification to the premises for persons with disabilities. This article reviews what is required. Approximately 565 words

L99 What is Useful Life and Why is it Important
All the parts of an investment have a life expectancy – people, buildings, clothing, food, etc. This article covers how to review your property and plan for repair or replacement. Approximately 485 words

L98 Water Heaters: Repair or Replace
A water heater is an important element in an investment property. Lack of a working heater is a serious liability for an investor. The article covers the pros and cons of repairing or replacing. Approximately 665 words

L97 Fair Housing and Assistance Animals
Fair Housing laws are very definitive regarding service animals and now there are other terminologies such as emotional support animals, companion animals, and psychiatric service animals. This article reviews the various types. Approximately 710 words

L96 Avoiding Court
No one likes to go to court and sometimes it is inevitable. This article addresses ways to avoid litigations. Approximately 515 words

L95 Important Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent
Property insurance is important and they should have as much coverage as possible. There are many questions investors should ask of their insurance agent. Approximately 775 words

L94 Repairing or Replacing Flooring
Replacing flooring is a big expense for investors and sometimes it can be repaired. This article reviews the pros and cons of this subject. Approximately 655 words

L93 The Challenges of Security Deposits
Former tenants can make life difficult if they do not receive a 100% security deposit refund. This article reviews how to handle these challenges, Approximately 720 words

L92 Property Management Takes Teamwork
Property owners and property managers need to work together as a team. The article covers various components of the team. Approximately 450 words

L91 Does Your Property Need a Tune Up
Just like a vehicle, an investment property needs to maintain the property in order to keep or increase its value, particularly in springtime. Approximately 585 words

L90 Avoiding Fires
Preventing a fire in a residence involves teamwork between property owners, the property manager, and residents. This covers way ways to avoid this situation. Approximately 635 words

L89 The Problem of Hoarding
Add To Cart[/button] Hoarding is costly problem for property owners if a tenant with this disability rents their property since hoarders are now a protected class. This article covers this problem. Approximately 635 words

L88 Why Use a Licensed Contractor for Your Property
Proper maintenance plays a major role in life and success of an investment. This article answers a question often asked by property “why use licensed contractors.” Approximately 630 words

L87 It’s Cleaner Than We Found It
Every property manager and owner has heard this phrase No one really wants to hear this statement from any tenant. The article covers three scenarios can lead to this cliché. Approximately 525 words

L86 Why Organize Your Taxes Now
The article examines the many reasons why property owners should take the time to organize their taxes during the busy fourth quarter season. Approximately 525 words

L85 Family or Friends as Tenants
Family and friends – you can love and/or admire them BUT should they become tenants? This article explains the pros and cons of this question to property owners. Approximately 750 words

L84 Vacancy Checklist for Landlords
This is a checklist of items and projected time it can take to re-rent a property. This is useful for property owners when their property becomes vacant. Approximately 665 words

L83 Should You Let A Tenant Out Of A Lease
There are times when it is necessary to consider letting a tenant out of a lease. At the same time, the tenant must remain accountable financially. Approximately 675 words

L82 Take The Fair Housing Quiz (L82)
This is a good quiz for property owners so they can see if they do understand the Fair Housing Laws and where they can have problems. Approximately 630 words

L81 The Right to Enter
Property Owners need to understand the tenant’s right to privacy and that it is their residence. It is important to know what rules apply to entering a property. Approximately 500 words

L80 Don’t Turn Off the Utilities
Who pays the public utilities varies from property to property. It is important to not turn off utilities to avoid maintenance and/or legal problems. Approximately 525 words

L79 Applying the Golden Rule to Property Management
The Golden Rule has been around for centuries; this article helps property owners understand how it benefits their investments and encourage long term tenancy. Approximately 615 words

L78 Handling the Unauthorized Pet
Unfortunately, no matter how hard a property owner or manager tries, tenants move in an unauthorized pet. There is an art to handling this situation. Approximately 600 words

L77 Refrigerants and Residential Property
Legislation now exists that could have a direct impact in the future on a heat pump or air-conditioning system in a property. This article outlines an impact it may have on investment property. Approximately 725 words

L76 Is It a Repair or an Improvement
The article explains that this is a difference between how investors can use repairs and improvements in their tax returns. Approximately 525 words.

L75 Treat Your Property as a Business
Investing can be a headache and this article covers reducing the stress and maintaining a business attitude toward rental properties. Approximately 550 words

L74 Landscape Maintenance and Rental Properties
There are many reasons to maintain an attractive landscape on an investment property. This article covers ways to solve the problems of landscape maintenance. Approximately 570 words

L73 The Fair Credit Reporting Act and Investors
It is important the property owners know that violating the guidelines and requirements under the Federal Reporting Act is costly and detrimental to their investment. Approximately 540 words

L72 What Does the Tenant Want Now?
Many owners express this sentiment with exasperation. The article helps them to understand the many reasons why a tenant has put in a request and that they can be legitimate. Approximately 515 words

L71 Are You a Knowledgeable Investor?
Test your clients with this 12-question test. It provides both answers and questions for them to see if they have basic property management knowledge. Approximately 610 words

L70 Keeping a Cash Reserve
Property owners need to understand that they will need funds from time to time for maintenance, major expenditures, and more. This article helps them understand what can happen. Approximately 525 words

L69 Landlords Do Have Rights
Property owners often feel that all the landlord/tenant laws are in favor of the tenant. The article addresses how landlords DO have rights. Approximately 550 words

L68 Why Did the Tenant Choose Another Property?
Often property owners are perplexed on why prospective tenants choose another house in the neighborhood rather than choose theirs. This article reviews what can happen. Approximately 640 words

L67 Make the Most of Your Investment
It is important for investors to use every deduction available yearly for their taxes. The article contains a useful list of deductions for investors to review. Approximately 430 words

L66 Setting the Stage
When selling, the appearance of the property is paramount. The same holds true when renting a property. The article covers how to “set the stage” for the best showings. Approximately 510 words

L65 The Return of Bedbugs
Property owners need to be aware that the problem of bedbugs has returned. The article covers details on their reemergence and the problems with bedbugs. Approximately 695 words

L64 Beware of Retaliation
This article reviews the definition of retaliation in rental housing. Property owners need to be aware how the law perceives certain actions as retaliation. Approximately 640 words

L63 Pest Control and Your Investment
It is important for property owners to realize that pest control is not just always just a matter of a few minor pests. Investors need to act to reduce their liability. Approximately 540 words

L62 What IS a Rental Emergency
This article investigates how tenants, property owners, and managers can have a different perspective when it comes to an emergency. Approximately 635 words

L61 Carbon Monoxide, the Silent Killer
Investors need to be aware of the trends in carbon monoxide laws. Over 25 states have legislation on this important and deadly killer with more states planning new laws. Approximately 525 words

L60 Rents, Do the Math
Investors are sometimes difficult about lowering the rent, though it just may prolong the vacancy and become costly. The article points how to “do the math” fort a logical conclusion. Approximately 555 words

L59 Seven Proactive Ways to Avoid Risk
Any investment can mean taking a risk, but there are steps for investors to take to avoid the pitfalls of creating a legal situation. The article covers seven critical areas of risk. Approximately 535 words

L58 Never Ignore Water
Water is a force that no one should overlook, particularly property owners. The article reviews many areas where water could be a destructive force in properties. Approximately 595 words

L57 Plan Fall/Winter Maintenance Early
This reviews items that may be required for fall/winter maintenance. It urges property owners to work on this early to save money and possible tenant problems. Approximately 550 words

L56 When It is Not a Pet
This article addresses that you cannot consider assistance animals as pets and it is a violation of Fair Housing. It also reviews what you can require when accepting tenants. Approximately 490 words

L55 The EPA Lead Renovation, Repair, & Painting Rule
This gives owners/investors a good overview of the legislation from the EPA and the impact on contractors. It also lays out the importance of following this rule. Approximately 660 words

L54 When Handed Lemons, Make Lemonade
Sometimes it is just time to decide that the tenant is not taking care of the property and is not performing well on rental payments. You can turn this negative into a positive. Approximately 515 words

L53 Mistakes Investors Should Avoid
It does not matter what market it is because there are always good investments. However, investors need to avoid certain pitfalls when buying at any time. Approximately 630 words

L52 Twelve Good Practices to Maintain Your Investment
This article outlines twelve ways property management company work to protect and reduce the liability of the investor. Approximately 570 words

L51 The Personal Touch
In difficult times, it is important to give a more personal touch to those renting a property with difficulties coping with the current economy. Approximately 570 words

L50 Realizing the Benefits
Owners may question the reason to pay management fees. This article reviews the savings that comes from using a property manager. Approximately 575 words

L49 Should a Tenant Paint?
Often owners think it is a savings for a tenant to do the painting. This article reviews the pros and cons of making this decision. Approximately 650 words

L48 What If Your Tenant Calls?
Sometimes tenants will track the property owner down to avoid working with the property manager. This article gives owners tips on what to do when this happens. Approximately 630 words

L47 Tune Up Your Investment for Spring and Summer
The article covers different areas for investors to review spring or summer maintenance to maintain their investment and avoid unnecessary maintenance. Approximately 580 words

L46 New Year Resolutions for Investors
Everyone makes resolutions and so should your investor/clients. Here are great suggestions to help your clients have a successful year. Approximately 675 words

L45 What IS Normal Wear & Tear?
The article covers what the law considers wear and tear. It also emphasizes that this is a gray area can be widely interpreted by the legal system. Approximately 550 words

L44 The Illegal Tenant
There is nothing more annoying than finding out the resident moved someone in who is not on the lease. There are steps to take and common sense must prevail. Approximately 650 words

L43 Why Is My Property Still Vacant?
This is the lament when there is a long vacancy. The article covers a list of reasons for why it can take so long to rent as well as ways to reduce the vacancy period. Approximately 700 words

L42 Selling a Property with a Tenant
The owner decides to sell but does not want to lose the rental payment while the property is on the market. The article covers the pros and cons of this issue. Approximately 735 words.

L41 Who is Responsible for That Repair?
There are times when it is difficult to determine if a repair is tenant caused or an owner responsibility. Common sense action and diplomacy must prevail. Approximately 710 words

L40 Reconciling Security Deposits
This covers the difficulties in reconciling the security deposit after a tenant moves and avoiding a dispute over withheld funds. Approximately 675 Words

L39 Is Your Property Green?
This addresses the issue of preparing the investment property so that it contributes to energy issues and at the same time can save the investor money. Approximately 625 words

L38 Are You Prepared?
This reviews areas where landlords should do advance planning in the event of major problems – insurance, maintenance, property records, financial plan, etc. Approximately 685 words

L37 Recognizing & Handling a Drug House
Property owners need to know how to recognize and handle a drug house one of the most crucial problems that can affect investment property today. Approximately 650 words

L36 Habitability
What is habitability? The article goes over the basics and the importance of providing a safe and habitable environment for the tenant. Approximately 620 words

L35 What Makes a Good Tenancy?
Good tenancy is more than collecting the rent and it involves work from both landlord and tenant. Approximately 565 words

L34 Handling Tenant Issues
When tempers flare and people are unreasonable, listening, acting, and follow-up are keys to a successful resolution. Approximately 500 words

L33 Fair Housing & the Rental Process
This covers the basics of Fair Housing relating to the housing industry and specifics where Fair Housing interacts while renting property. Approximately 660 words

L32 Security Deposits vs.Normal Wear and Tear
This article covers the difficulties often encountered between determining if it is damage or normal wear and tear from a security deposit. Approximately 560 words

L31 Looking Toward the New Year
Show your clients your company goals as the new year is approaching, such as education, vacancies, marketing, and more. Approximately 575 words

L30 Raising the Rent
It is important to review income and expense figures on a regular basis and stay in tune with the housing market. However there are many things to consider when contemplating a rent increase. Approximately 545 words

L29 Determining Rents
Deciding what rent to ask can be a tricky process and there are steps to take to set the most reasonable rent for the rental market. Approximately 635 words

L28 The Right Tenant is Worth the Wait

L27 Safety Reduces Liability
The article lists what to check for liability on the interior and exterior of the property to avoid liability for owners and prevent injuries. Approximately 625 words

L26 Thinking of Buying an Investment?
It may be time for investors to consider buying more property. This article covers important steps that the investor should take before buying. Approximately 545 words

L25 Inheriting the Tenant
When investors purchase a property, they often come with tenants, which may or not work out. The article covers the pros and cons. Approximately 685 words

L24 Keeping Investments
This article points out that it is not enough to keep records for tax purposes, but important to keep records from the beginning to the end of ownership. Approximately 505 words

L23 Handling Emergencies and Disasters
Emergencies and disasters can happen everywhere. When they do, it pays to have a Property Management Company to handle the situation and the tenants. Approximately 610 words

L22 Mold, a Critical Issue
This reviews one of the most serious property management issues and the importance of acting immediately on any report of mold. Approximately 695 words

L21 Beware of Red Flags
Professional Property Managers have the experience to see the red flags” that applicants exhibit and how to handle them. Approximately 545 words

L20 The Untimely Notice
As the holidays approach, the tenant gives notice. The articles point out properties rent all year round but just may take a little more incentive. Approximately 640 words

L19 The Impact of URLTA
The article outlines the Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act, URLTA, the underlying basis for many landlord/tenant law decisions in court. Approximately 475 words

L18 Education Makes a Difference
This article points out to the property owner how important it that Property Managers pursue further education while managing property. Approximately 550 words

L17 Fair Housing is Fair Pricing
Owners can discriminate by offering different rental prices and terms to different parties but professional property managers know how to avoid these issues. Approximately 535 words

L16 Tenants Performing Maintenance
Many owners think it saves money to have tenants perform maintenance. However, many times it is the opposite and causes difficult landlord/tenant issues. Approximately 500 words

L15 Retaining Good Tenants
It is usually more cost effective to keep a tenant than to procure a new one. Sometimes, just a few incentives will help. Approximately 580 words

L14 Working with the Military
The SCRA, the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act, has a definite impact when a tenant enters military service or receives orders to move. Approximately 670 words

L13 Working with the Market
When Real Estate Sales markets change so does the Rental Market. What is important is to adjust marketing to reduce the amount of time on the market. Approximately 560 words

L12 Lead-based Paint
Lead-based paint is a serious issue. The article reviews steps to take and what disclosures to give when the property was built prior to January 1, 1978. Approximately 530 words

L11 Actions Speak Louder Than Words
It is a risky business to allow a tenant to pay late continually and not act on notices to quit; this can cause legal problems because of implied consent. Approximately 550 words

L10 What If the Tenant Quits?
The article covers the positive aspects when a tenant suddenly vacates the property and what needs to be done. Approximately 650 words

L9 Turning Down the Applicant
This article points out how important it is to turn down an applicant properly with solid reasons in order to avoid a discrimination lawsuit and other pitfalls. Approximately 670 words

L8 Renting to the Handicapped
This article includes information on the American Disability ACT, what defines handicap, and points out the pitfalls that can happen Approximately 590 words

L7 Advertising – Beware
The article points out the pitfalls many property owners make because they do not truly understand the Fair Housing laws. Approximately 610 words

L6 Professional Services
Property managers cannot be an “expert” in everything. This covers other related services such as attorneys, insurance agents, etc. Approximately 625 words.

L5 Deciding on Pets
Turning down pets without consideration can cause even more problems – illegal pets, longer vacancies. Handled properly, pets may work. Approximately 650 words

L4 Investor Insurance
This reviews various points of important insurance issues and questions for the landlord to ask their insurance agent. Approximately 560 words

L3 Using the 1031 Exchange
This reviews the 1031 program, emphasizing that investors need to consult a 1030 exchange professional when doing an exchange. Approximately 605 words

L2 A Credit Report is Not Enough
This article covers the fine points of screening tenants and using a professional manager to find a qualified tenant. Approximately 595 words.

L1 Effective Documentation
The article covers many points, including how Property Management Professionals have the expertise and documentation for managing property. Approximately 585 words

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