Connecting Buyers & Sellers of Property Management Accounts & Businesses

At conferences there are 100 hands raised of people looking to buy property management accounts and 0 hands raised of the remaining 100 attendees looking to sell.  How can this be?  Sales happen all the time so the intent of this page is to connect Buyers with Sellers confidentially. At this time there is no charge to post.  Please fill out the Buying or Selling form.  The inquiries will come to PM Made Easy and we will reach out to the other party.  If they are agreeable we will make the introduction.  We have products Buying & Selling Property Management that can help you structure your deal and we have partnered with The Property Management Coach who can help you prepare for, and negotiate the transaction.

The quickest way to grow is through acquisition.  The best way to reward yourself for your years of running and growing a company is to sell it for a profit.  We Make Property Management Easy and we want to Make Buying and Selling Easy, too.

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